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We keep them in cages in our homes, but in their natural state they are independent birds who can seek out water over hundreds of miles through pure instinct. We feed them seed from a pet store, but they can find food in a wide variety of habitats. We give them plastic toys and mirrors to play with when in fact in the wild some have figured out how to use tools to communiparrote and attract mates.

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Welcome to Mega Bird Store. Your one stop online shop for the most adorable parrots you can find. We have a wide collection of these charming birds; we have several species available such as the amazon, african grey, electus, macaw etc. We also have parrot eggs for sale available on our store. All our parrots are in good health, vet checked and ready for adoption. They are properly trained and will make great home companions

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  • At-home pet shops, we offer a wide range of parrots such as Macaws, Lorikeets, Cockatiels, Conure birds, and other varieties of birds drawn around the world. For instant, the Macaw parrot has the ability to mimic the human voice and acquire phrases to use, the parrot is able to provide a calming influence over those suffering from various levels of anxiety.
  • Over the years, we have come to the conclusion that Knowing & Caring for Birds Helps us Care for Ourselves:
  • Grow your understanding of birds, Share your understanding of birds, Reduce your carbon footprint or consumerism by 10%, and engage in ecotourism. Donate financially to conservation projects, such as groups that work with your bird’s species in the wild.
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